Simon Lewis


Painting for PJ 1977. Red Swell 1979. Painting From South Devon 1979. Drift 1980. Red Czar 1979. Red Czar 1979. Untitled 1997. Untitled 1997. Painting from Devon 1984.  Morning 1998. Pink Swell 1981  “Out Pound the Tree and Back” 1986.  Wave 1986.  Walking the Tide Line I 1994.  Slapton Lee 1998.  Portugal Painting 2000.  Walking the Tide Line II 1992.  Watercolour  Watercolour  Spanish Watercolour  An Anxious Optimism 1996. Hot Day 2003.  Dot Painting I 2004.  Dot Painting II 2004.  From Julia’s TASCA 2003. 23” x 33”. Watercolour  August 2005. 23” x 33”.  Winter 2003.  Watercolour 2006.  September 2004.  Through the Screen 2005.  Watercolour  Watercolour  Watercolour  Watercolour  Seeing the Light 2006.  Cactus Painting.  Sand Painting.  Painting From India 2007. Trafal Beach 2006  Beach painting. Watercolour Watercolour  From the India Series 2007.  From the India Series 2007. Watercolour Watercolour Watercolour Watercolour  From the India Series 2007.  From the India Series 2007. Watercolour Watercolour Small Glitter Painting From The Alentejo 2001  Walk a little faster said the Whiting to the Snail ...  Beach I.  Seen on T.V. Shall we walk along the sand? Painting from Devon 1999 In the Palacio garden 1997 Skull Painting 1996  Light Painting 1999. 33inch x 43inch. Tiny pile painting 2011  Untitled 1997.  Centre Listening 1997. No title 2011  Verticle 2011.  Small Glitter Glue Painting 2010. 3 glue paintings 2011  3 glue paintings 2011  Weave Painting 2010.  From the Africa Series 2009.  From the Africa Series 2007.  From the Africa Series 2007.  Africa 2007.  Walking Around My Brain 1992.  Red Masque 1992.  Night Painting 1993.  Pile Painting 1994. Painting from Korea No.1 Painting from Korea No.2 Painting from Korea No.3 Late afternoon window, July 2000 Driving to Sagres 1997 Watercolour Untitled. Watercolour Untitled. Dot Watercolour.  “De Wang” No I. 2005. Small Watercolour. Small Watercolour. Jacobs Coat 1980. Ayatollaa 1980. Night Painting 1981. Untitled 1995. “Black Rock” 1990.  Dark Day 1978. Dark Object 1977. Maggie 1976. The Whisperers. Devon Painting 1980. Devon Beach 1976. Blah! Blah! Blah! 1975.  “Inside Looking Out” 1975. “Angry Black” 1978. Wigwam II 1982. Wigwam I 1981. Sleeper II. Sun Room. Small Landscape. Grey Day By the Sea. A Devon Day.


Yacht 1977 Red Indian 1975. Watching Yachts 1978. Watching T.V. Object in the studio No.1 Object in the studio No.2 Object in the studio No.3 Still life 1977 Still life with plaster cast 1977 Drawing 1979 Serpent 1978 Object in the studio No.3 Excaliburs Pool 1978. Object in the studio No.4 Drawing 84 Object in the Studio No.5 Drawing 86 Walking, Shouting, Reading the news Drawing 87 Winter Carob Trees & Olive Jar Winter Carob Tree Chairs & objects Siage 1965 Night Drawing Studies for the watcher Alpha Ville drawing Study for back sculpture Drawing for sculpute From the wreckage of grandfather suit No.1 Tie Press Study for sculpture No.1 Study for sculpture No.2 Self Portrait with flying machine Study for sculpture No.3 Bread drawing No.1 Study for sculpture No.4 Bread drawing No.2 Object 1976 Drawing 1977 Drawing from Cardboard relief No.1 Drawing from Cardboard relief No.2 Still life 78 Still life with plaster relief From wreckage of grandfathers suit No.2 Still life with boxes Metal object Fast Driving Fast Drawing 1976. Drawing for large bread 2 painting


 Millennium Wall I 2000.  “House of Shadows” 1997.  From Julia’s TASCA 1998.  Shadow Land 1999.  Cactus Shadow 2000.  Millennium Wall II 2000.  Shadow Wall 2000.  Crown Of Thornes I. Crown Of Thornes I  Shadow with pot & basket 2000.  Two shadows  Shadow wall Cactus No.1 Cactus & wall Cactus & shadow Shadow & pebbles Shadown & broken wall Shadow & ruin Pond Shadow Brick Shadow Shadown at NTU Grass Shadow 2003 Rock Shadow Brick Shadow Wall Shadow No.1 Wall Shadow No.2 Wall Shadow No.3 Wall Shadow No.4 Wall Shadow No.5 Tree Shadow Door Shadow Wall Shadow No.6 Door Shadow Tree & Figure Shadow Cactus Cactus & Almond Blossom No.1 Cactus & Almond Blossom No.2 Cactus, Fig & Almond Cactus & Wall Cactus & Shadow No.1 Cactus & Shadow No.2 Cactus & Shadow No.3 Cactus & Shadow No.4 Black Shadow. Cruz Da Assumada Chimney Cruz Da Assumada Tree at Versailles Door, Cruz Da Assumada


Snail 1965. Observer 1966. Vase 1967. Cabinet Meeting 1971. Wurlitzer 1971. His Masters Voice 1972. Medicine Chest 1972. Watching Yachts 1978. Japanese house (After Kurasawa) Maquete Serpent Small scupltures and drawing 1964-1972 Mirror! Mirror! Back away! Relief No.1 Relief No.2 Relief No.3 Relief 1978 Relief 1982 Relief 1983 Head No.1 Head No.2 Howling head Sleeper No.1 Sleeper No.2